Business Buzz Words

Sometimes it can seem that your colleagues or coworkers are speaking in a foreign language in your business meeting! Here are some the commonly used buzz words which may help you to translate what is being said!

Sprints – an agile way of thinking about a project.

Paradigm Shift – change in thought processes.

Corporate Synergy – coordinating/collaborating more effectively in an organisation.

Disruption – When something interrupts the status quo, it’s termed as a disruption.

Deep Dive – brainstorming ideas.

Core Competency – things a company or a person does best.

Incentivise – the act of motivating a person to get something done.

Outside The Box – broader thinking.

Silo – teams/companies working towards same goals, but not sharing information

Bleeding Edge – also known as cutting edge, but more intense.

Move the Needle – certain amount of effort is required to make a noticeable difference.

Ideate – coming up with ideas.

Unpack – examine newly thought of ideas.

Wheelhouse – person’s speciality area.

Amplify – to improve.

Drill Down – process of getting to the roof of an issue.

Bandwidth – availability to talk or work on a project.

Low-Hanging Fruit – deals that are easily attainable than others.