Developing Self-Awareness

Developing Self-Awareness

Developing self-awareness will help you to experience higher quality relationships, improved leadership, confidence, and executive presence. Self-awareness is essentially the ability to see yourself as others might and is an essential leadership skill. It’s the foundation of emotional intelligence and the key to being authentic.

Here are 4 ways you can develop your self-awareness:

  1. Meditation

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The first step is to develop a clear, focused ability to place your attention where you want and to not be distracted by thoughts or emotions. A basic mindfulness practice will accomplish this and takes only 15 minutes a day. In terms of self-awareness, meditation does two main things.

It will allow you to see yourself objectively and give you the ability to see yourself as others might. Over time, you will develop the ability to observe yourself objectively, and thus see behaviours and thoughts that may not be serving you.

Meditation will create a gap between stimulus and response. Thus, in a negative situation, you will have space between the event and your reaction. With practice, you will notice a flash of anger, however you are able to choose whether to act out of that anger or from a more productive place.

2. Personality Tests

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There are few types of personality assessments that are available.

Spend some time with the results, looking for resonance. Ask someone close to you for their thoughts on how well the results describe you. What is your response to the results? This can often tell you a great deal about yourself.

Make two lists from the results. One contains the traits that you exhibit. Then make a second list of the traits that you’re not sure of. Pay close attention to these and see if you catch yourself manifesting these traits over time.

3. Ask for regular feedback

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Ideally, you would belong to a work culture which includes regular feedback as part of weekly one-on-one meetings.

Always welcome feedback and avoid getting defensive, keep your cool and listen openly. Sometimes feedback comes in ‘hot’, learn to respond with a cool head and an attitude of “feedback is a gift.”

4. Work with a coach like Tess Pereira!

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I am specifically trained to help you identify patterns of thought or behaviour that are limiting your potential, and to build actions and practices that help you move past them.

Self-awareness is an ongoing process of self-discovery and personal development. Like any other skill, it needs to be practiced. Unlike a lot of skills, it needs to be practiced constantly.