Gulf News: Nervous about stepping out to the world? 4 steps to make it easy on your anxiety

Dubai: The memories of our once carefree and frivolous nature have for now, been stored away in the confines of our minds. Instead, we have been rightly advised to take care of ourselves, by adhering to social distancing rules whilst wearing mandatory face masks, and for the most part staying at home.

Over the past 12 weeks or so, home has been the place for work, rest and play. The only options available for a change of scenery have been to either move from the bedroom to the living room, or by replacing our Zoom virtual meeting backgrounds to the default images of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the very appealing green and lush forest from somewhere in the world!

The prospect of easing restrictions of what seems like the longest and probably most challenging time in our living memory, is met by great excitement and longing for the majority. However, some are feeling an uneasy sense of dread with an equal measure of anxiety layered on top. It is important to note, whether there are fears over returning to a work or school environment; worrying thoughts about health or the readjustment to a faster pace after months of a ‘go slow’ broach to life under lockdown. This is not altogether unusual. In fact, psychologists refer to it as the Re-entry Syndrome.

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