Katrina Gray, Company Owner

I never got the whole therapy thing and I had a very closed mind before I met Tess. What could someone tell me that as a fully grown woman I didn’t know. How wrong could I be.

Before meeting Tess I was going through a lot of changes having had 2 babies both needing some extra TLC, setting up a business, living in a country with no family etc, I was completely overwhelmed, the life I felt should be perfect (should be banned from the dictionary) actually felt like it was falling apart. All of the things I’d usually see the good in had a ‘but’ and I was desperate to change everything as surely that was the answer to making things good again. I realised at this point I needed to talk to someone, I didn’t believe it was a doctor I needed (I questioned a lot if I had depression), just someone to listen and guide me. Along came Tess!

Tess is someone who somehow guides you into a new thought process without you even realising it. She listens and after a few sessions of just crying (well for me anyway) her listening and talking with you just make you start to have a very different outlook. There were less ‘buts’ and negative thoughts and refreshingly not because she tells you but you realise there is no such thing as perfection. She also made me feel like it’s ok to not always be ok but with some tools of managing hard times in my life those situations are now very much turned around very quickly instead of letting it become overwhelming.

Tess’ professionalism is second to none. She never once made me feel like it was a therapist/patient situation.

Talking really is the best medicine and something I was very embarrassed about, I would now be very proud of and recommend to everyone.