JA, Senior Media Professional

Tess helped me during a period in my life when I felt very lost and stuck; I was feeling helpless, quite sad and very low on self-confidence. Tess worked with me using a combination of talk therapy and NLP techniques to help me feel more confident about myself, as well as to start seeing things in my life more clearly.

After meeting with her over a period of several months, the changes in myself was astonishing. From losing weight and learning to love and like myself to gaining a huge amount of clarity about what i wanted in life, I cannot overstate how much of a difference she helped to make in my life. There are things I want to work on in 2020, and I know that she is someone I will be turning to in order to have a trusted, expert guiding hand. I would recommend Tess to anyone who needs help whether it be in their career, relationship, mental health or even just a sounding board.

Her calm, friendly style makes her incredibly easy to talk to even to people who are used to bottling everything in.