T.G – Senior Training Consultant

I began to see Tess following a recommendation from a close friend. I saw her for around 3 months. 

Having never experienced any kind of therapy before I was initially wary (like most people I’m sure) of baring my soul to someone I had never met, but Tess soon made me feel comfortable and confident in both her approach to the talking therapy itself and also the various methods she uses. 

Before long, I found myself looking forward to each session while spending much of the intervening time either reflecting on what we had discussed the previous week or putting my mind to the small tasks or challenges set by Tess at the end of our last meeting. 

At the end of our time together, I had developed a fresh perspective on my behaviours, life experiences and relationships and Tess had given me the tools and techniques to move forward with an infinitely more positive approach to both my work and personal life. 

I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels like they have simply begun to tread water in life and needs some fresh direction. It really is good to talk, and in Tess I can imagine there is no one better to talk to.