Tess Pereira


Tess Pereira Coaching can help you achieve your goals

Tess Pereira Coaching can help you achieve your goals



Tess develops and enhances clients’ affective, or emotional response to external or internal stimuli, to ultimately reframe and help clients to how clients react to situation. Affect is one component of Subjective Well Being, allowing a person to experience positive emotions.


Tess provides the platform on which clients can stretch a higher frequency of positive emotions and sustained emotional well-being, through identifying and helping clients to satisfy their basic needs.


Through cognition, the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, Tess helps clients to make positive shifts in their lives including at work, health, with family; relationships and or income leading to improved wellbeing.


Tess enables clients to identify and achieve their goals in both in a professional and personal setting to help realise their sense of meaning and purpose. This creates a ‘flow state’ characterised by intense and joyous focus and the eventual actualisation of their ‘true self’.

Talk Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Talking therapy involves talking about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Through talking therapy, Tess Pereira Coaching will:

Executive & Personal Coaching

Tess Pereira Executive Coaching provides an impartial sounding board for Executives and Leaders to discuss ideas, challenges and performance with.

Tess can help you to leverage your strengths become more effective in your work. She is able to identify and help clients focus on making specific behavioural changes in alignment with their values and goals. These changes are both sustainable and measurable as well as observable by all

Executive and Leadership coaching can help with:

Workplace health & well-being

Health and well-being is quickly becoming just as important in the office as it is in everyday life.

Tess Pereira Coaching helps employers to implement powerful employee health and well-being strategies into the workforce, through her intuitive workshops and seminars.

Tess bases her approach on The 4 Pillars that define Happiness and Positivity in Workplace (as defined in the 2018 Guide to Happiness and Wellbeing in the Workplace UAE).

Breaking Addictions

Everyone has a similar neurological structure.

As a Master NLP Practitioner, Tess identifies linguistic and behavioural patterns that are linked to the neurological system.

External behaviour is heavily influenced by internal thought processing. Tess uses NLP to help clients to analyse and identify the relationship between how they process and behave so as to break the negative addiction cycle (be it smoking, drugs, alcohol and or risky behaviours).

This approach supports the development of new positive behaviours.