Tess Pereira


I first started working with Tess over two years ago, and I admit I had doubts prior to our first appointment. Whether that stemmed from the stigma associated with therapy, the fear of admitting I needed help, the idea of speaking to a stranger… I’m not sure.

Looking back, I wish I’d had the courage to speak to someone much sooner, and to work with Tess for longer. She is one of the most influential people I’ve ever met, and has had a profoundly positive impact on my life.

While Tess and I started working together on mental health, our sessions have spanned professional coaching, theoretical debate, and general conversation. She is empathetic, considered, patient, and kind. All while having quick wit when required! Her promise of giving her clients the tools and skills to become self-reliant is genuine. Thanks to our sessions I’m mentally stronger, more professionally
aware, and – quite simply – happier.

She started as my therapist and became my coach. |’m grateful to consider her a friend. Often, we neglect our mental health. This is especially true among men. But in doing so, we neglect what is most important to a healthy life, positive relationships, and professional success.

So, if you are reading this to see if you *should* speak with Tess, my recommendation is do.

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